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About Us

In November 2020 it received the approval of the Safe Travels Seal

Nievemar Tours S.R.L. was born in June 1983. At first it was a family society between Jose Pedro Miranda and Miguel Angel Miranda , then since 1986 it is a limited-liability company.

From the beginning the agency commercialized air tickets inside and outside the country . From 1984 it began as a incoming tour operator in this zone, offering a wide range of hotels in Puerto Madryn and Trelew as well as transportation and excursions to sea lions and elephant seals ´reserves in Peninsula Valdes , the Punta Tombo´s penguin colony , Ameghino Dam, petrified woods, Southern right whales´s watching, etc. At the same year the agency received the certificate as I.A.T.A. travel agency.

Along the years , the enterprise got vehicles for transporting passengers. Nowadays it has an important fleet of vehicles almost 0 km, all fully equipped. The only two partners of this agency (father and son) have different roles in the partnership. Miguel, with a four year´s experience in Aerolineas Argentinas, deals the commercial and operative part, while Jose Pedro, who in the past was a representative of brands such as Peugeot, Citroen and Mercedes Benz , gives his experience in the garage owned by this firm. In this garage the maintenance of the vehicles is carried out.

In December 2007 the agency received the badge of commitment of tourist quality , associated with the Model Project of Approximation to the quality SCTE Good Practices, granted by the direction of Tourist Quality management of the Secretary of Tourism of Nation.

Nievemar Tours has offices in the cities of Trelew with bilingual staff and tour guides available in almost all languages, offers customers service guarantees, quality and presence.


 Italia 20 – C.P. 9100

Nievemar has passenger transport vehicles. Currently has a large fleet of vehicles with full equipment. Buses 45, 24, 19 and 14 seats, cars and 4×4 vehicles.
The company has own workshops to maintain vehicles and plant fuel itself.